Smart Lipo™

A device that provides doctors with a laser liposuction technique that is less invasive when compared to other liposuction methods. The Smart Lipo™ device not only provides a better way to remove fat cells but it also helps improve body tone, cellulite reduction and promotes skin tightening. As the Smart Lipo™ laser energy is fired, the fat cells break apart and liquefy. By directing the energy to the area beneath the surface of the skin, the Smart Lipo™ technique also encourages the development of collagen, which results in a tighter, more toned appearance overall. The technique is especially popular because it requires very small incisions and no general anesthesia, therefore offers a quick recovery time. The SmartLipo™ workstation is the only laser designed to destroy fat cells. This translates to better results, less swelling and a shorter recovery time. SmartLipo™ is a laser liposuction technique that will achieve great results when treating localized fat deposits.

Can SmartLipo work on areas that regular liposuction can't?

Yes. Since the aiming beam at the tip of the SmartLipo laser allows the doctor to know exactly where he or she is at all times, the procedure is very precise. As such, SmartLipo is very effective in body areas that are not suitable for traditional liposuction, such as the face, neck, back and knees.

How long does the SmartLipo procedure take?

The SmartLipo procedure takes an average of 2 or 4 hours per session.

Does Smartlipo treat cellulite?

The Smartlipo procedure will improve the body's shape, tighten sagging skin, and may reduce cellulite to a certain degree

Does the Smartlipo procedure hurt?

Since the Smartlipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there is very little pain or discomfort involved. You may feel a minor stinging sensation and an impression of tugging at your skin during the Smartlipo treatment, but these discomforts are minimal.

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