VOLBELLA® by Juvéderm ®

Lip Filling Treatments in Burlington & Natick

If you are looking for a way to fill and plump your lips, look no further than VOLBELLA® treatments by Juvéderm®. VOLBELLA® is designed to fill, smooth, volumize, and contour the lip and mouth area. Whether you are looking to get rid of harsh lines around your mouth or you are looking for a fuller pout, contact the specialists at Laser Gentle Medical Spa to learn more about whether VOLBELLA® is right for you.*

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VOLBELLA® is an injection that is specifically designed to smooth and fill the lips and mouth area. Using an ultra-fine needle, a specialist injects the client with a smooth gel that fills any lines or wrinkles.* Because it is a smooth gel, the injection appears natural and even retains volume and moisture for up to a year.

Questions about VOLBELLA® and the injection process:

  • Does VOLBELLA® work?
    Yes! In a recent study, 98% of those that received VOLBELLA® reported satisfaction with the appearance of their lips and mouth.
  • What is the recovery like?
    The aftercare for VOLBELLA® is easy. Avoid saunas, sunlight, and steam rooms for two weeks afterward. You may feel tender or bruised after the procedure around the injection spots.
  • Will I swell up?
    It is normal to experience slight swelling or redness around the injection spots. Swelling and redness should last no longer than a week.
  • Does it hurt?
    VOLBELLA® is designed to be administered easily and smoothly. The injection also contains 0.3% of Lidocaine to help reduce pain during the procedure.

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