Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant This Winter

Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant This Winter

When days are long and Massachusetts weather turns less than pleasant, you may not have as much time for fun in the sun—but there can be an unexpected perk: more time to care for your skin!

Most people don’t think about the advantages of having less opportunities for outdoor activities, but with our tips and some time with the friendly staff at Laser Gentle Medical Spa, you can find the silver lining (and some gorgeous skin while you’re at it). In fact, cooler months are actually an ideal time to book an appointment at our medical spa! During winter, you don’t need to be worried about shielding yourself from the sun—making recovery a breeze.

Wondering what treatments we recommend? Keep reading!

1) Laser Hair Removal

There is nothing more aggravating than having to constantly deal with suborn hair on your body—and just because you won’t be heading to the beach or pool anytime soon doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Because of the lack of sun exposure, winter is a perfect time for laser hair removal, and you will likely more effective treatments during cooler months. At our medical spa, we use the latest technology, such as the GentleMax Pro®, to quickly remove hair. As an added benefit, it also helps with any wrinkles you may have!

2) Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are one of the least invasive procedures we offer to help patients see rejuvenated skin—but they still leave skin vulnerable. During the summer, heat can lead to swelling, but that isn’t a concern when the weather is cooler—meaning it’s the perfect time for you to explore the option. Chemical peels are also the perfect way to combat skin that is dull from exposure to indoor heating and cold outdoor air. When you book an appointment with our medical spa, we can help address age and scarring, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and more—leaving you with even, radiant skin!

3) Laser Brown Spot Removal

Do you have brown spots that you would rather see gone for good? At Laser Gentle Medical Spa, we offer expert brown spot removal services with GentleMax Pro®. The treatment targets any unwanted melanin by raising the temperature to shatter the pigment. Following the session, the melanin will be fragmented without any damage to the surrounding tissue; these shattered particles are later eliminated and you are left with a more even skin tone and improved skin texture! Because we recommend protecting your skin from the sun after these procedures, there is no better time to book your appointment than the winter months.

If you would like to book your appointment, we encourage you to contact us! The best time to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer is right now. We can help you find your most radiant you!


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