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Don’t let wrinkles steal your self-esteem or confidence. Give yourself a youthful boost with Radiesse®!

This dermal filler is more robust than others, adding support and structure around the face. It helps restore facial volume and can even fill in severe folds and wrinkles.

Compared to other fillers, Radiesse® is longer lasting, with results showing for up to a year or more.* Contact Laser Gentle Medical Spa by calling (781) 334-8893!

One thing that makes Radiesse® even more unique and beneficial is that it can help stimulate the growth of new collagen, giving you an immediate boost, with results that can improve over time.

The treatment is easy, simply, and requires little to no down time.*


Is Radiesse® right for my cosmetic needs?

With so many different fillers and treatment options out there, it can be challenging to find one that fits your beauty goals. That is why Laser Gentle Medical Spa is so excited to be offering Radiesse®.

What makes Radiesse® beneficial?

  • FDA-approved dermal filler
  • Works to restore natural, youthful look*
  • Improves facial volume and minimizes wrinkles*
  • Made up of calcium-based microspheres

Even more interesting is the way that Radiesse® works. Injected through a minimally invasive procedure, the microspheres work with your body to help support and stimulate new collagen growth.*

As time passes, the microspheres will gradually break down and be safely absorbed into your body.

Rather than just filling in facial folds and wrinkles, Radiesse® gives you back more youthful, glowing look without leaving any harmful toxins behind.*

How soon will results be visible?

When you get a Radiesse® treatment, you will see results immediately.* The microspheres instantly begins working under your skin to effectively add facial volume and smooth out wrinkles.*

Most of our patients can expect these results to last a year or more, depending on their specific situation.

Hundreds of thousands of patients have already experienced the amazing benefits of Radiesse®.

Proven safe, effective, and convenient, this procedure can provide all the benefits you are looking for without any of the frustration or hassle of other treatment options.

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