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Having healthy and beautiful skin should be a priority for anyone. Not only will it preserve a youthful glow to your appearance, but it will also make you feel better and more confident.* PCA Skin Care products are designed to rectify damage and rejuvenate your skin.* Start feeling like a newer, fresher you!

PCA Skin Care products are designed to fight:

  • Acne
  • Discoloration
  • Aging
  • Sensitivity
  • And more

About Chemical Peels and Professional Treatments

Chemical peels are a great way to improve the tone, texture, and blemishes of the skin. At Laser Gentle Medical Spa, we offer expert chemical peel treatments at our Burlington and Natick locations. The procedure will brighten your complexion and exfoliate the skin as it removes the dead and damaged surface.* A chemical peel is easy to fit into a busy schedule since there is no downtime needed for mild or medium peels.

There are three kinds of chemical peels to choose from:

  • Mild Peels – Used to smooth and brighten skin, as well as dryness, acne, fine wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.* Repeat treatments may be necessary to maintain results.
  • Medium Peels – Used for fine wrinkles, blemishes, and pigment issues. This is the preferred treatment for darker skin tones and could require more than one treatment to maintain results.
  • Deep Peels – Used for targeting facial wrinkles, severe sun damage, and pre-cancerous growths. Due to the extensiveness of this procedure, some recovery time is needed.

Chemical peels can be applied to the entire face or in specific areas. Speak with our Burlington chemical peel experts for more information about what procedure is right for you.

Laser Gentle Medical Spa Offers PCA Skin Products

Looking to purchase PCA Skin Care products or schedule a treatment with these products? The Burlington skin care specialists at Laser Gentle Medical Spa can assist! Call our office today to learn more about what products we carry or how you can set an appointment for a chemical peel.

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