Summer is Coming: Here are the Top 4 Treatments to Get Ready

Are you ready for endless summer days? Now is the time to start putting in the extra effort.

Summer is coming: while we strongly believe that every body is a bikini body, nothing is hotter than confidence, and sometimes we could use a little bit of help in that department.

Own your look with four of our favorite summertime treatments:


It’s time to try something new to stay cool this summer.

CoolSculpting is the only non-invasive, non-surgical, FDA-cleared procedure to reduce stubborn fat. Like the name suggests, the process can be a bit chilly: cooling technology freezes and kills unwanted fat cells.* Over time your body naturally processes and expels the dead cells.

This gentle, contouring procedure is performed without any anesthetics and without any recovery period.

Look good and feel good in your best body ever.


Cellulite? Let’s talk dimple-free skin for as far as the eye can see. VelaShape is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that reduces both circumference and the appearance of cellulite in targeted areas. With no discomfort or downtime, this treatment enables you to achieve a toned, contoured body with reduced cellulite visibility.

Strut your stuff in style this summer.

CooLifting Cryofacial

Have five minutes to spare? Come cool down with this innovative CO2 facial. Using a pure hyaluronic serum to help diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and reduce pore size*, the CooLifting Cryofacial is a must-do for the hotter months. Not only will the treatment literally cool you down, it’ll also leave your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

During the month of May we’re offering a package of four facials for only $300. Chill out the right way.

Laser Hair Removal

Stay smooth all summer (and fall, and winter, and spring) long with laser hair removal. This permanent hair-reduction procedure is the perfect way to boost your confidence while lowering the maintenance of unruly, dark or prickly hairs. Utilizing a combination of light and radiofrequency, laser hair removal thermally destroys the hair follicles to help prevent regrowth.*

Show off your stubble-free skin with pride.

(Tip: it may take up to eight sessions for complete reduction, so start your sessions now to make sure you’re ready for the summer sun.)

Ready to prepare for the best summer yet? Give us a call and let’s talk about it.

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