At Gentle Laser Medical Spa, we provide Photofacial treatments to reduce pigmented lesions, redness and broken capillaries.*

What is Photofacial?

At Gentle Laser Medical Spa, we provide Photofacial treatments to reduce pigmented lesions, redness and broken capillaries.* Using the GentleMax Pro® device, unwanted melanin is absorbed by laser light, which breaks down the skin’s pigment in that area without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. On a different setting, this treatment can also address damaged blood vessels that lie deeper under the skin. This includes vascular lesions (sometimes called “spider veins“), which will coagulate and shrink.

During the weeks after treatment, your body’s own “clean up” system completely eliminates those shattered melanin particles.* After this, there will be little or no trace of those spots or spidery veins you once had. The GentleMax Pro® Photofacial treatment also improves skin texture through collagen stimulation. This ONE system offers multiple treatment benefits.

How many treatments will I need?

A single treatment can reduce the pigmented blemish.* However patients with darker pigmentation will need additional treatment. We will normally ask our clients to return 4-6 weeks after the treatment for a follow-up.

How much time is required?

Appointments are normally 15-30 minutes but may be longer for large numbers of brown spots.

Will the laser work on my pigmentation?

Our lasers work to reduce age spots or pigmentation on any skin tone on the face or body except for very dark skins.* Clients with darker skin (Fitzpatrick scale 5 or greater) may not candidates for this procedure because the skin surrounding the brown spot could absorb too much laser energy. During your consultation, your provider will discuss treatment options and ensure that you are a candidate for photofacial.

What are the additional benefits of laser treatments?

As well as a treatment for age spots on the face or body, the heat from the laser will stimulate collagen and elastin production in the treated area, giving you additional skin toning and reducing fine wrinkles and the effects of age spots.*

How do I take care of my skin after?

After reducing age spots from the face or body, you must strictly follow your post-treatment care routine and protect your skin from the sun.* Use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day and follow the protocol offered by your Laser Gentle practitioner.

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